3 Facts About Online Business

March 6, 2010 at 7:13 am

1. Instant money/success does not exist for online businesses…

Everyone on the net is anonymous. The seller and you don’t know each other. Even the emails you receive are mostly automated. Why would shoppers buy things when they have no guarantee that it will show up?

Well, the reasons are there, reputation and testimonials. This is why you need to slowly build your trustworthiness and create very satisfied customers from the ones that do buy without much “proof” from you. Your reputation as an online business will decide your fate, and building a solid rep takes time. Therefore other than little sales, there is no getting rich in a day for online businesses.

2. Viral marketing is like gambling

When doing viral marketing, remember that while the payoff can be big, it goes away just as quick as it came to you. OR nothing could happen at all. You could promote and promote and still get no money or commissions.

If you do use viral marketing, use it for making a onetime lump sum to finance your fledgling online business. Other than that as said before it could be a huge waste of your time if you try to make a living off it.

3. It’s an actual job, even building your website is…

When you have a website, you are there for the world to see. But, the world won’t see it unless you do some advertising and promoting. Where are places to promote? Obviously there are ways to pay people for getting traffic to your site. However, there is also free advertising/promotion…

They are called search engines. You know the big names where you go to find something on the net. Getting to the top pages of a search engine will give dramatic increases in business. Getting to those top pages takes time and methods so involved you won’t believe it. If you stick it out and practice the techniques and do things right, over time your ranking on the search engines will improve.

Just remember, it takes WORK and TIME to do this.


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