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February 23, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Over the years, I have started up quite a few businesses. There are those who may even refer to me as a serial entrepreneur.

Now many of them were indeed a success, while some just failed at some point in the game. That’s alright though because it is a fact that almost all entrepreneurial ventures are going to fail.

Having said that, I am going to talk about three key points that could help you to be successful in starting your own business. You will have the best chance possible at succeeding by following these things that I have learned through the years.

Now let’s discuss a few of these principles. It is my hope that they will help you just as much as they have benefited me.

Dedication is the first key point. It is so important that you stay on top of things, especially when you begin. You will just about get to a point where your business will be one of your children.

Try to think of it in the same way as a newborn would be treated. You would always be giving the baby something to eat, checking on him or her and constantly doing anything you could to keep that baby happy. That is how you should be with your business.

Working to make sure that every little detail is optimized is the second key. The little details just might be the key to whether you succeed or fail – you never know.

It is my belief that another person’s success comes from one person’s failure with the intricacies, so I make it a point to be sure that every little thing has been done most effectively.

My last key point is to always pay attention to your failures and learn from them. There are just too many folks who do not see that there is value with failure, which can be a mistake that is costly.

When you get the experience of something that doesn’t work, then you will learn just what does work. By avoiding the mistakes that were made once, any entrepreneur is going to benefit from that.


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3 Tips to Be a Successful Entrepreneur 3 Keys to Success


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