You ask, Google Answers

February 6, 2010 at 8:40 am

Who tek with the search engines know this one, especially if it is not Google. You could say Google is currently the best search engines and the largest are often used by surfers cyberspace.

Search engine founded by two Stanford University students Larry Page and Sergey Brin since since its presence continues to experience significant growth.

And if we compare with other search engines like Yahoo and MSN, Google appears very simple, if we find a direct website especially in the main page only a special form used in the search for user information.

Comparison with other giants such as Yahoo and MSN, then you meet your latest news and ads that accompany him. But its simplicity is precisely Google’s racing so fast and left tesebut predecessor, even some of the other and trying to hold joint overthrew the supremacy rakasasa.

The advantages and benefits of Google’s precisely because of its simplicity which focuses on the search results. In the Google search results to appear tough on meranking selecting a web, so the search results really relevant to the request.

Not only that information seekers have many benefits, as the online business too much We also sprayed, let’s say they offer the possibility of their main advertising program, which is Google Adsense to serve ads on the blog publisher.

For those who do not want to create a blog, Google also offers a quick and targeted campaigns that Google Adwordsnya program. Those who do not have the funds to create a blog, Google also provides platformya through Blogspot, they also provide a free email facility which is almost safe from the GMAIL SPAM.

Do not forget also Google Earth, with it we can observe the earth with only move the mouse in hand. Not to be outdone by other browsers, Google also launched Google Chrmoe to berselencar faster and safer.

In running a business online, of course, many obstacles that we face, ranging from simple problems to complex problems, and Google can help solve these obstacles.

For this reason, if you menemuai problems and obstacles in the travel business, then do not hesitate to ask for help and make Google as a servant of your marketing, is not currently Google is the world’s great libraries.

From here as our online business can take many lessons from him, and among the many that there are some that I think is very fundamental, namely the principle of “Who’s a lot to give, so will many others received”, another one, “The simplicity of great value is the power extraordinary “.

Try you look at the descriptions above, all of which are presented (provided) Google, either free to the paid, always bring substantial benefits to users.

Which means what?

As a business online (internet marketer), the main thing you need to fikirkan in selling are: the value (benefit) what could be obtained by people with what you give “. If it is fulfilled, it is not possible what we want, we will easily get.

So no exaggeration to say, “YOU ASK, GOOGLE ANSWERED” as the headline of this article. This does not mean to deny the other, because the fact is the case, many of our online business activities that involve Google.


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