Business models on the Internet

February 3, 2010 at 8:39 am

Business model is one of the most widely discussed on the Internet, especially about how the Internet changes the traditional business model. Unfortunately, few people gave a clear view of what exactly is the “Internet business model” that.

Business model is a method for running a business where the company can survive and take care of itself that is by generating revenue. Business model shows how companies make money by specifying its position in the “value chain”.
Some fairly simple models. Companies producing goods or services and sell them to customers. If all goes well, the income from the sale exceed operating expenses and profit companies.

Other models may have more circuits. One of them is broadcasting. Radio and television broadcasts transmitted over the airwaves for free to everyone. Broadcasternya is part of a complex network of distributors, content makers, advertising and listener or viewer. Who gets the money and how much will be gained not so obvious at first. Bottom-linenya terantung of many factors.

Trade via the Internet will create new types of business models. That’s for sure. But the Internet also can reinvent the existing model and proven. For example auction. From the ancient form of brokering, auctions have been run extensively throughout the world to set prices for items such as agricultural commodities, financial instruments, and antiques. The Internet has mempopularitaskan auction model and extend its application to a variety of goods and services.

Business models have been defined and categorized into many different categories. This is one attempt to present a broad classification and convincing business model that can be observed on the Internet. This proposed classification is not complete or definitive. Internet business models will continue to grow. New variant is more attractive and is expected to appear in the future.

The model can be implemented in various ways, as described below with examples. In fact, a company can combine several different models as part of his Internet business strategy as a whole. For example, it is common for companies that content-driven approach to combine advertising with a subscription model.

Business model has acquired greater importance as a form of intellectual property that can diprotek with patents. In fact, the business model (or a lot of people are also called business methods) have been increasingly falling in patent law of nature. Many business method patents relating to e-commerce has been given. But what’s new business model is not always clear. Some of the more important patents can be sued in court.


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